It’s a choice… if you had a choice, what would you choose?

My life is beautifully crazy and fun, its full of love, frustration, smiles, tears, laughter, yelling and patience (somewhat). I can choose to be any of these things depending how the day is going. Much like everyone else’s life, it really isn’t much different… I have successes and failures, I have better days and those that I’d just like to write off as NEVER happened! But there is one difference, one very important difference… I choose to believe in a man greater than any other. Yes, I choose to put my faith in Jesus and believe that there is a God out there. I have put Him in the center of my life, given Him all control. Scary thought, right? But this is where my Hope comes from, a beacon of light amongst the darkness. It is what makes all the difference in this world. It’s what makes me want to be a better person.

Christianity is a choice to Love.

I am no way perfect, I mess up just about everyday in some area of my life. Like today, in the busyness of my life, I dressed for work in jeans thinking it was “dress down day for united way”… guess what, its not, its tomorrow and I have a big meeting this afternoon which includes my boss! Ooops. Ok maybe todays’ issue is not too serious, but I can tell you many a days where we have been thrown through the wringer. But I believe we come out of the washer a little cleaner, a bit worn yes… but definitely better. I’ve learned to love myself with all my faults. I’ve learned to smile when I’m going through something. I’ve learned to focus on others and lend a hand to help and not dwell in my own woes. I choose to Love in any circumstance.

Christianity is a choice to Believe.

I have been to the depths of hell and much suffering in my life. With only the belief held tight in my fist that this world sucks, I had no where to put my trust! Now I can’t think of any other way to live my life and I love it! I choose to believe that Jesus died on the cross for my sins and was resurrected to the side of his Father. I choose to believe He is there and everywhere, working in my life and everyone else’s giving hope and love.

Christianity is a choice.

In the muckiness of life, I still believe it is beautiful!

I choose Christ, I choose Love, I choose Hope, I choose to Believe.