Almost four and a half years ago arrived our second surprisingly dark, super curly haired beauty, a promise from God and a blessing for our union. We conceived Rebekah on our honeymoon after quite the whirlwind engagement of six months. She was a word spoken to our heart and a sunrise after the darkness of death. Pete’s mom passed away four days before our wedding. A wonderful woman I barely got to know who suffered long with lung cancer.

For my husband picking up the pieces was a little hard after losing his mother, but Joy comes in the morning. Rebekah, named by God was our blessing to come after the passing of his mom. She was spoken to me before I had even met Pete. She was the vision of beauty after darkness and the result of our union in the tent of his mother, if you know the story of Isaac and Rebekah, you will understand what that means and what it meant to us approaching the wedding and his mother’s failing health.

In the midst of life’s unbearables, there is God, always there, always present, always speaking. If you are in-tune and listening carefully, He speaks life into you. God spoke to us the story of Isaac and Rebekah and we carried that with us in each and every moment, every step of the way. And we were reminded after the wedding when everything settled and life began to move forward again. Specifically when things got tough, we knew how God came through for us before and we could count on Him!

So when the next major event came, we were ready! And the events came… We had a promise of a son, and when he didn’t show up on “our time schedule”, well you can imagine, disappointment can grab you if you’re not careful. And then when we miscarried, what happened to the promise? Did it just disappear? No, God doesn’t promise and then not fulfill His word. Jeremiah arrived exactly one year later to the day. God is so faithful! Jeremiah was a word spoken, Jeremiah 1:5. Another word to hang onto through the loss of Pete’s father who passed away three months before Jeremiah was born.

If God spoke a word and there was earth, light, waters, grass, animals, man… how then can we not trust Him to speak a word into our lives.

Press on mighty warriors, don’t give up, get a word and hold onto it!