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It seems like a lifetime ago already, I was single and desperate for a husband (helper) and father to my daughter. Although I was no where near ready for a relationship…seriously, the thought terrified me.

Sure I dreamt of the companionship and romance, sharing a life with someone… but from my highly eventful past, I didn’t believe that kind of relationship even existed. And the list I had in my head of what I thought my husband should be… God started to show me different.

Singles, this is for you! Whether you are divorced, separated, widowed or even engaged… release control and give yourself whole to Him and allow Him, Jesus to prepare and direct you.

Here is my story: (please, I pray that it inspire you)
My daughter was one year old and I knew she needed a father figure in her life, that much I knew… but how to get there? I was lost. I was a brand new Christian in a great church (findhope.tv) with wonderful friends to guide me and pray for me. Broken, completely broken from so many failed relationships even a failed marriage and a child out of wedlock. How do I pick up the pieces and start moving forward?

Surrender all, literally! I admitted my brokenness and laid it all at His feet. I prayed it out (Bondage Breaker), I worshipped through the tears and struggles and I learned what God meant love to be, what marriage is how He created it. I busied myself in a singles ministry (PlanandPrepare.org) and most importantly I made a commitment to God to be pure, not even a date until I knew the potential was to be my husband. You see after so many failures and doing everything the wrong way, I wanted to do it right…God’s way. I committed to not go on a single date (alone with a man in purpose of dating) until I knew from the Lord that He would be my husband. I committed to not involve my daughter in a potentials life until I had that ring on my finger. I committed to place any potential before Him and pray and fast until I received an answer. I released control and while I waited, I got myself ready.

I kept my commitments, I’m sure it wasn’t as perfect as I remember it… but my husband came along quite quickly, I’ll share that whole story another day…its amazing! But for now, my first date after coming to the Lord was with my husband. We saved our first kiss until the wedding when we said I do! And the rest is history; it’s been 5 wonderful years… (well it’s been 5 years of learning how to be wonderful, but that’s what marriage is about!) And every year gets better and better!

Ok singles, get ready! That potential is out there for you. Commit yourself, release control, learn what love and marriage is all about from God’s perspective… you wouldn’t go for a job interview without learning about the company and what kind of job you’re applying to…why would you just leave a relationship to chance or a marriage for that matter??? So get yourself ready, make sure you spend time dealing with your past and praying! Start praying about your future and your future spouse, specifically that He is getting ready as well 🙂 Get involved in a ministry and when your ready that potential will be there! Remember to pray and wait on the Lord because sometimes we can jump at opportunities that present themselves that are distractions and wrong choices… for some of us have been waiting a long time. When your weary, go back and refocus, re-commit and get busy again, lean on a friend and Jesus for support. Lastly, the choice is always yours, God gives us free will to choose, this is where prayer is important and counsel with a trusted friend, pastor or even marriage counselor.

I’ll be praying for you!