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The Lord placed a word in me, “You will see AMAZING things through My Name”. I was completely overcome in my spirit and drawn to tears of something so much bigger than me. Put in a place of utter amazement and a life lifted above myself and a hope larger more creative than all HOPES, with so much power its uncontainable! (Literally, I feel like I’m busting trying to get this word out). Its not just a feeling but a FAITH in something I don’t know of or can even conceive, far beyond all I can imagine in my little mind.

In my search to take in all I could from this word, I found Joshua 3:5

Joshua told the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for the Lord will do amazing things among you”

And there it is… the Ah moment, the light bulb went off. Joshua instructs the people to “Consecrate themselves”. You see, God does his part and we do our part! Jesus cleansed us from the inside, now its our job to wash ourselves on the outside. God is asking you to walk away from sin. He’s saying, don’t involve yourself in this or that, or don’t give in to that attitude or behaviour, fix that line of thinking and align it with His word.

Consecrate (Greek: hagiasmos), means the process of making or becoming holy, set apart, sanctification, holiness.

Leviticus 20:7

You shall consecrate yourselves and therefore be Holy, for I am the Lord your God.

God has set you apart! He has a plan, not just a plan, but an AMAZING plan. He’s got things to do and accomplish “Among” us. He wants to use you for something. He wants you to help someone. He wants you to speak a word from Him. He wants you to lead and army of Christians. He wants you to sing to Him. What ever it is, He needs to be able to work in our lives! Do you want to be put to work? The best and most important work we do is for the Lord!

The punch line:

How can He work in our lives if we are not consecrating ourselves to Him daily?

Shake it off, I know it hurt… sometimes the punches are deep 🙂

Church, CONSECRATE yourselves… and YOU will see AMAZING things!

Now praise Him with me, The King is Among Us: