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Are you in the wilderness?  Do you feel exiled?  Are you way off course from where you thought you should be?  Somewhere in-between Eastern Egypt and Southern Israel…so to speak?  Maybe your off course intentionally and your angry or it was someone else’s words that caused your fall.

Do you ask yourself, “How did I get here?  And how do I get back?”

 Insert your burning bush moment…

Moses was exiled from Egypt by Pharaoh and was tending the flock for his father-in-law Jethro.  He had led the flock far into the wilderness of Sinai, where he came to the Mountain of God.  His cross road.

Let’s go back to why he was even there in the first place.  Moses born of the tribe of Levi was three months old when his mother left him in a basket she made of papyrus reeds and water proofed it with tar and pitch.  The Israelites were becoming too many in number amongst the Egyptians, Pharaoh feared that the Israelites would take over Egypt so he ordered all the baby boys to be killed.  Moses’ mother, knowing he was a special baby, left him amongst the reeds floating on the Nile River with his sister watching over him from a far to see what would happened to him.

Fast forward to his adult years, Moses had been adopted and raised by Pharaoh’s daughter since he was weened from his mother.  Knowing his roots, Moses visited his people and witnessed the hardship they endured.  During his visit with his people he watched an Egyptian beating a fellow Hebrew and when no one was looking he killed the Egyptian.  The very next day he went to visit his people again and this time two Hebrew men were fighting, Moses asked the one who started the fight why he was fighting his friend, he replied with insult and accusation.  Saying: “Who appointed you to be prince and judge?  Are you going to kill me as you killed the Egyptian yesterday.”

Moses fled for his life when Pharaoh tried to kill him after learning what Moses had done.  Moses ended up in Midian, tending sheep and married to Jethro’s daughter. According to my google search, Moses was 40 years old when he left Egypt and stayed in Midian for 40 years until God called him through the burning bush.  There seems to be a theme here of 40 years in the wilderness for the Israelites J

When all was thought to be lost, when Moses thought his life was never going to be destined for greatness.  When he had run far to hide from Pharaoh and the harsh words from his fellow Hebrews cut like a knife.  When he thought what he was doing was right, only to be judged and cast out by others… God shows up.  I can only imagine in my little mind the life of Moses.

God spoke to Moses from the middle of that burning bush, telling him to go lead the Israelites out of Egypt.

Exodus 3:10 “Now go, for I am sending you to Pharaoh.  You must lead my people Israel out of Egypt”.

When God speaks, things change…

It could be a timely word from a good friend or pastor that resonates so deep, a life giving rhema word that just leaps off the page and ignites your spirit or it could be an encouraging word spoken over you in love, giving breath to your weary soul.

Can you imagine the magnitude of that word from God spoken over Moses’ life, how gigantic it must have felt laid out in its entirety in his thoughts?  We know that Moses responded in self-doubt and hesitation.

God often calls us in our weakest moments into great things, He calls us out of darkness into the light, from hidden places to freedom and from the wilderness into the most beautiful seasons of life.

If God has spoken to you, hold on for the best ride of your life.  Don’t lose hope and press forward into that dream even if its not even on the horizon yet, don’t let go.  If you haven’t had your burning bush moment, know that it is coming.  Trust that God is with you in every season, specially those darker ones.

A good friend posed a great question to me recently, “What steps can you start taking now towards your dream”.  Encouraging me to start working towards, getting myself ready… in the wilderness… for the dreams that have been placed in my heart.  What a profound word.

The seasons are changing and that once dead desolate soil will be filled with a garden full of beauty, blossoming flowers bursting with colour and fragrance. Life giving!

Psalms 32:8 The Lord says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life.  I will advise you and watch over you”

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